Microcurrent Stimulation

 Stimulates 'body-natural' processes that can help our muscles repair, significantly reducing pain and inflammation, and improving loss of function from muscle damage.

MCS helps protein-synthesis and increases ATP production; the "molecular unit of currency" that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

 Physical therapy designed to relax muscles, improve circulation, speed up the recovery & rehabilitation processes and improve muscle strength & condition.

NMS formulations stimulate muscles to produce peptides and proteins needed for healthy body function.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Fast - acting body-natural pain relief for all types of chronic and acute pain.

Signals carried in the Peripheral Nervous System can have the same impact on the same neural synopses as opiates.  

Test and Train Sports Experience

Test and Train Sports has utilized this product with great results. We implement with our clients to prevent injury and speed recovery. Our Athlete Management System allows us to capture how the athlete is responding daily to training and environmental conditions.  This allows us to target specific areas of need and assist in avoiding injury and speeding recovery.