Nebraska State Director

Melissa Martinez

Melissa is from Lincoln Nebraska and played college softball at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Melissa was a catcher who now coaches and provides professional instruction.



Melissa is excited to provide resources to committed athletes, schools and organizations who want to create accountability and reach potential. 

Sports Testing

If You Are Not Testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!  Test and Train Sports can provide an athlete or a program with comprehensive testing which provides immediate feedback and allows the athlete know where they stand  and what areas need to be targeted to be able to compete at the next level. 


Test and Train Sports provides evidence-based training support and resources that are sport specific and proven to provide results. 

Athlete Management System

In order to make real time adjustments and make the best decisions possible in reference to an athletes or programs development, you have to be able to do so in real time with the right information at the right time!


Test and Train Sports allows for programs to "plug in" to their mobile-based and web-based camp management programming which allows for immediate testing results to be provided while providing professional athlete evaluations which can provide necessary direction for development.

Mental MRI

How much of the game is mental?  We are excited to provide a practical and meaningful way for athletes and coaches to get the best performance.  This is done by a proven method where the athlete completes an online Mental Assessment and then reviews the results for immediate benefit. In addition to the test, a Self-Scouting Report and How To Coach Me application is implemented so the results of the test provide ongoing benefit and instruction.

Hitter Handicap

Specific to Baseball and Softball, this test provides testing, training and development of an athlete who is a hitter. Athlete is tested on skill and bat command in order to establish a base-line which can be used to calibrate the best hitting approach possible. 

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