Great Results!

Evidence Based Training Works

This athlete is a committed athlete who aspires to become a Division I Softball Pitcher. I predict she will be a Top 10 Pitcher in the US and will have great success at the highest level of play. She has proven her willingness to commit to a program and is seeing great results. We will continue to train this athlete and provide her with the ongoing programming necessary for her to reach her full potential.  This athlete is trained by Kelly Ahrens who can be reached at 


We had many obstacles in this training process and overcame all issues. Remote training was provided after an initial 4 hour testing and evaluation process.  


Daily Athletic Performance Survey


The Daily Athletic Performance Survey takes 1-Minute a day to provide the accountability necessary for the athlete to create proper training habits and to be aware of how to train properly.  This provides the athlete engineer with the necessary information to adjust training protocols to maximize benefits and to minimize or eliminate the chance of injury.  This process speaks for itself and provides validation of the process we provide at Test and Train Sports.

Athlete Engineer

An Athlete Engineer is someone who has knowledge and a process through a Athlete Management System to provide training protocols to committed athletes who seek to play at the highest levels. 

Successful Case Study

Building Structural Integrity


Specialized Neuro-Muscular Sequential training methodology provides the proper training progression .

Target The Problem Areas


Sport Testing Benchmarks are the only way to validate progression and to target the proper programming for the athlete.

Specificity Of Training


Invest time in the specific areas benchmark sports testing provides so that you receive the maximum benefit to improving your skill.

Neuro-Muscular Sequential Training

This athlete has the passion and drive to reach the highest levels of her sport. We are documenting a 30 Day Case Study that will capture every day of her progress.  She took a Mental MRI so we know how to best approach her training and build the structural integrity necessary for her to reach her potential.