9U Baseball Player



We were able to provide the proper sequence and training protocols for him to understand triggers and how to achieve necessary timing to drive the baseball.  In addition to the proper sequence being taught we also worked with his grip strength and neuro-muscular training.

Pitching Mechanics


He hand never pitched in a game and had no foundation to repeat a delivery to the plate in an efficient manner. We were able to teach the proper sequence for him to duplicate an efficient delivery that allows him to throw strikes.



His biggest problems were his mobility.  He trains each week in the professional sessions and also works at home. He has completely transformed his ability to move and function with balance.  He is now able to execute all skills necessary because he has mobility.

Swing Before Test and Train

This video was recorded before his first session with Test and Train. He was 8 Years Old when he began the Test and Train programming.  

Swing Mechanics After Training

This player attended a 5 Lesson program that had him come to session with professional coach once a week.  Player was provided homework to do after each session as the progressive development programming was utilized to build the proper foundation and add to it. All sessions were captured with video highlights, pictures and specific review.

Evidence-Based Training


Hitter Improvement

This athlete increased his ability to skillfully hit the baseball in a 63 day period.  Training allowed him to increase how hard he was hitting the ball.  An average increase per ball that he hit increased 5 MPH.  He improved his handicap from 23 to 12.33 proving he was hitting the ball harder and more consistently.  These numbers support he has gained a command of a sequence that he can duplicate generating a consistent swing pattern that provides good results.  This process is used to test, re-test, train and develop a better approach while simplifying a process that can provide meaning on where someones swing is at any given time.