5U Baseball Player

Laying The Foundation


Where do you start with a 5 Year Old?  We have identified the proper progressive application that gives the foundation to build upon.  No athlete will retain or gain value without the proper foundation in place. 

Sequence Of Instruction


How you teach, what you teach and when you teach are the key elements to success.  We have documented this process and have identified the proper sequence of introduction of skills.  Variations of application exist for each athlete.

Building Awareness


Education the athletes so they understand what you are asking of them and most importantly getting their engagement , creates the communication necessary for rapid advancement.

Training Clip-Engaging and Actionable

This video is a portion of the second hour session with this 5 Year Old athlete. He had "homework" after the first lesson and it is obvious he did his homework.  We capture and identify specific delivery of instruction specific to building the proper foundation for the athlete to build on.  This athlete was tested the first day of the process and will be re-tested after 30 days.  Our Athlete Management System provides the centralized processing center for every action taken in this process.