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Athlete Engineering- Accountability-Neuro-Muscular Training



Athletic movements begin with assessment of mobility and testing to determine proper progressive steps to take in targeting what an athlete should prioritize in their customized training. If your athlete has not been properly assessed contact us immediately as we do not recommend any Strength and Conditioning training at any level until the athlete has proper mobility.  Very few professionals understand progressive development and most of what they are spending their time on does not translate to production at their skill in competition with specificity to your athlete.



Once an athlete obtains the necessary mobility proper instruction of sequence for the execution of skill can be taught so the athlete can build the proper foundation and joint integrity to reach their potential.  Mastery of skill can not be achieved without the proper understanding and instruction of the sequence of physical movements working together in order to  execute a skill.  Neuro-Muscular sequential training against resistance in vestibular is the only way to connect the body movements together and for the Central Nervous System to fingerprint the proper kinetic movements in the right order in sequence.



In order to master a skill, the athlete must have proper timing after obtaining the necessary mobility to execute the proper sequencing of a skill that will result in the most efficient execution of body movement.  Strength is secondary to timing and elite timing creates productive strength that allows for mastery of skill execution.  Every athlete is different and has varying functional movement patterns that require details testing and training to reach optional timing.  Poor timing in execution of a skill will lead to poor performance in competition.  Timing is everything when competing at a high level, Work Smart!  

Evidence Based Training - Making A Difference

Specialized Training focusing on Mobility, Sequencing and Timing.  Proper Athlete Engineering takes place only by establishing the right foundation that can handle an elite level of skill execution.  This is one sample of progressive development training that is yields great short and long term results.  We get results and look to engage committed athletes and families looking for specialized targeted training needed for athletes looking to play at the next level.

Athlete Management System

Sports Testing- Benchmark Assessment


If you are not testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!  Any investment into an athlete has to be documents and validated by testing and re-testing.  Modification to targeted training programming is derived from proof of performance and growth.  If you do not test , there is no way to determine your developmental path is on track.

Daily Athletic Performance Survey


Athletes have to be held accountable and committed athletes must understand the importance of daily interaction in order to avoid injuries and reach full potential. A one minute mobile based daily survey provides the baseline of tangible information to properly navigate an athletes journey.

Data Driven Targeted Athlete Development Plan


Customized targeted training plants customized by professionals who understand how to read the data is the only way to ensure efficiency in training.  Athletes can use the Mobile-Based application to receive and complete specific workout plans designed for their individual development.



Trends and growth patterns are different for each athlete. Growth spurts and training plans must be considered when offering workout plans that create muscular endurance and reduce the chance of injury with improper training.  Athletes should update their Bio-metrics every month.

Video And Document Centralization


Testing and Re-Testing confirms development progression, however, video supports what the numbers are stating and provide a great teaching tool for the athlete to see progression and for professional instructors, recruiters, etc. to see athlete performance in action.

Professional Collaboration


Athlete can manage every team and individual activity through the Athlete Management System and ensure every action is stored, visible and re-portable for various needs  along their athletic journey centralizing all documents, activities and interaction with coaches, teachers, professionals, recruiters, doctors, physical therapist, etc. 

Mental MRI


How Is Each Player Wired?

There are no two athletes the exact same.  Everyone is wired differently and in order to properly develop and train an athlete you have to know how they are wired. The Mental MRI is used by amateur levels organizations to Division I National Championship programs validating the benefits of insight provided. More info on the Mental MRI Here

A Good Approach Equals A Good Result

Having access to the Mental MRI of an athlete allows you to create the best approach possible.  It allows the athlete, parents, teammates, coaches and trainers the necessary insight to get the best approach out of the player and to get more out of practice and training so they can have a great performance in competition. 

About Us




Athlete Engineer- A person who designs, builds or maintains athletes.  Provide a structural foundation to an athlete by providing progressive development focusing on mobility, sequencing, and timing incorporated into a long-term plan.  Demonstrate and teach mastery of a skill by providing customized programming continually making adjustments to training based upon data-driven sports testing results.  Test and Re-Test athlete to validate mastery of a skill is being achieved and applied with success in competition. Analyze testing data, performance results and muscular endurance on a regularly scheduled basis to properly identify a hierarchy of importance while targeting specifics that will generate the best results possible in competition while avoiding injury. 

Test and Train Sports is available to work with individual committed athletes as well as clubs, organizations, schools, colleges and professional teams.  We have mastered the practical application and are one of very few that can document and validate our instructional capabilities and results. We can customize your Athlete Management System and train your staff on the Sports Testing process, Data Forensics, Customized Workout Solutions and athlete/business workflow.  We provide professional consulting services supported by a web-based, mobile-based Athlete Management System.  It is imperative for each athlete to take the Mental MRI in order to build the proper approach and make sure the physical work will benefit the athlete on gameday. 



Test and Train Sports formed as the specialized division of testing and training athletes of Stars and Stripes Sports. Stars and Stripes Sports is a National Sports-Eco System and a trusted and proven brand who has pioneered athletic development through sports testing, forensic analysis and evidence based training. We have testing data from thousands of athletes ages 6 to 70. Creating accountability for the athletes development process is now a reality. 

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