Consulting services

Committed Athletes

We serve committed athletes and provide them with a professional turnkey mobile-based and web-based platform that creates accountability and transparency.  We validate training protocols and make real time adjustments based on athletes daily feedback and improvement.

High Schools, Colleges , Professional Teams

Test and Train Sports provides consulting services for clients looking to win a championship and who is in need of the implementation of accountability using our Athlete Management System.  We are able to work directly with the coaches and empower them to make the best decisions possible with the best information possible providing expertise in use of technology, data mining, injury prevention, scheduling, training and practice efficiency.  We can customize the reporting dashboard to provide the specific information coaches are looking for to best manage the efficiency of their program. We are considered a "Coach" and a "Time Machine" because we can immediately impact a program upon contracting our services. 

Training Devices, Technology Implementation

Test and Train Sports provides our clients with the expertise to integrate and maximize use of all of their investments into technology providing the support and resources to integrate within the day to day functionality of practice.  We are the coach you can depend on to provide you details that are understandable to the coaching staff and the athletes.