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Dr. Melissa Reed

Dr. Melissa Reed

Dr. Melissa Reed


Melissa Reed, Ph.D, ACSM C-EP.  Dr. Reed is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at West Chester University, West Chester, PA. Dr. Reed completed her Ph.D. in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Her primary research interests include the role of exercise in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. She is also active in community-based research with older adults involving fall prevention and exercise. She is an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, hold the ACSM Level III Exercise is Medicine, and is a site visitor for the Committee on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences. She is currently serving as the President of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the American College of Sports Medicine Dr. Reed teaches both undergraduate and graduate level exercise science courses and has been published in peer reviewed journals such as the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Obesity Surgery, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism and the American Journal of Physiology.

Dr. Reed has two sons, Jackson (14) and Carter (12) who have actively been participating with Stars and Stripes Sports National Team and Stars and Stripes Sports Pennsylvania. Kelly Ahrens has been corresponding with Dr. Reed, having her review his articles, methodology and ideas providing advice and direction which has impacted the current product offered by Test and Train Sports. Dr. Reed's sons have been testing and training since 2018 and have participated in multiple baseball tournaments having a first hand experience of the methodology and practice of both Stars and Stripes Sports and Test and Train Sports. Dr. Reed and her husband, Matt have actively participated in assisting Kelly Ahrens with multiple sports testing events being able to serve as station managers at testing events. Dr. Reed is a fan of athletics, her husband is a Physical Education coach and she has two active athletes with a third (Drew 6) about to emerge himself in to the sports world.  This sports family has a very high "Sports IQ" and have been utilizing the Baseball Management System provided by Test and Train Sports to capture the journey of Jackson and Carter. This first hand experience provides invaluable feel of the importance of the protocols provided by Test and Train Sports.  Being familiar with the technology offered as well as the process provided to end clients, Dr. Reed has a deep perspective of "practical application”. In early December 2019, Dr. Reed, referred 3UP 3Down baseball academy in Reading, PA.  Dr. Reed was capable of explaining the Test and Train process and protocols in order to allow a meeting take place where Kelly Ahrens was able to make a Video Conference presentation to promote the Test and Train Baseball Management System.  Former MLB Pitcher, Rich Delucia, Founder of 3UP 3Down and Clint Fernandez - General Manager agreed the Baseball Management System presented would be a wise investment. Kelly Ahrens traveled to Reading, PA December 21 and trained the staff on how to manage a Sports Testing event.  There were around 90 players tested on the 21st of December and the 3UP 3Down staff received the orientation and training necessary to implement the baseball management system.  Liz Fernandez, the Operations Manager, received a few hours of training and mastered the functionality of the Baseball Management System.  Today, the facility manages day to day operations with the Test and Train Sports Baseball Management System supported by Peak Performance Network.  Dr. Reed’s expertise and experience reinforces the proof of concept of the services provided by Test and Train Sports.  Test and Train Sports is excited to have Dr. Reed become and Advisory Member so she can continue to provide ongoing governance and direction of the company.  Dr. Reeds expertise and in depth knowledge of the inner workings of Test and Train Sports, provide a solid foundation to grow upon.


Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology - West Chester University

Skip Latella

Dr. Melissa Reed

Dr. Melissa Reed


F. “Skip” Latella, M.S. is a world-renowned sports physiologist who has worked with prominent leaders to advance innovation and improvement in motion and performance. Latella has worked with Wounded Warriors, VETS, and professional sports teams, designing curriculum with major universities and special needs populations, including the USA Archery and Para Archery teams and multiple Medal Winners.

Skip has been a pioneer in the research and development of motion analysis and training methods that have been validated to dramatically improve athletic performance. A former Professor at LIU Graduate School of Health Sciences, Latella has been a leader in athletic training research/development and applied neurophysiology for over 40 years, working with U.S. Olympic Athletes, National Junior Tennis Champions, professional athletes and trainers from the PGA, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. He is one of the preeminent Therapeutic Exercise and Sports Development Specialists as evidenced by the hundreds of referrals from the Top Medical Staffs in the Tri State area.

Skip has earned a reputation as one of the most respected movement and performance specialists in golf and has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Top Golf Fitness Specialists in the U.S. Skip has worked with Top 100 PGA Teaching Professionals, LPGA and PGA World Ranked Tour players including former #1 players, and has trained collegiate golfers and teams at Duke University, Notre Dame, Mississippi State and New Mexico State.  He is currently active with dozens of Junior Golfers in their early development of proper biomechanics. 

The first person to introduce methods of Neurophysiology for golf specific training, Latella has been a featured speaker at the PGA Teaching and Education Summits, presenting his research from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center at the World Scientific Congress of Golf Trust.  He has served on the National Board of Advisors for the Spirit of Golf Foundation,  participated on the Strategic Planning Commission for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, serves on the Board of Advisors to the Fairfield County Sports Commission ,and consultant to major European Sports Performance Professionals in the UK and Italy.

Latella earned a B.A. Degree in Health and Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University, and a Master of Science Degree in Human Performance from Southern Connecticut State University.  

The Latella Neuromuscular Training System

The Latella Neuromuscular Training System (“LNTS”) allows for the proper mapping and innervation of the body’s central nervous system. The LNTS methodology follows the easiest, safest, and most efficient route for the application of sport specific movement patterns, as a “GPS for the body”.

F. “Skip” Latella, Founder of LNTS, has adopted a philosophy from Abraham Lincoln who stated, “….in order to predict the future, you have to invent it.” For over 40 years, Latella has been acknowledged as a leader of innovation and research into the application of new motor learning techniques. Through constant improvements in, and successful adaption of new motor learning methods.

Research and Patents

Skip has developed three U.S. Patents over the last 40 years, and his research has been validated by scientists at the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh Center for Sports Medicine, the Manhattan VA Hospital, MT Sinai Hospital in NY,  Bio Vision in San Francisco,  USA Archery, and hundreds of private clients.

His research on motion analysis has also been adopted by leading healthcare and athletic instructors to establish a baseline and produce documented improvements in performance for anyone regardless of ability. Skip is also an author of a Best Selling Lay Medical book on the issues of fitness and training. A much sought-after Consultant for training, sport specific performance development, and recovery from injury.

To schedule a meeting or consultation:

F. Skip Latella

4 Manhattanville Rd,

Purchase, New York 10577 

Tel: 203.912.2638 Email: 

Dr. Tom Hanson

Dr. Melissa Reed

Dr. Tom Hanson


 Dr. Tom Hanson, Ph.D  Dr. Tom Hanson, Ph.D has coached baseball players ranging from World Champions to Little Leaguers since 1983. Dr. Hanson played college ball at Luther College (including 3 Iowa Conference Championships). He then served as a graduate assistant at the University of Illinois, the hitting coach at The University of Virginia (3 years), and head coach at Skidmore College, NY (7 years). Dr. Hanson also played rugby for 9 years (including 3 Big Ten Championships), coached youth sport teams and directed sports camps and clinics.

Dr. Hanson has been collaborating with Kelly Ahrens, Founder of Test and Train Sports since 2014 to create a unique product that will provide individuals, coaches, teams and organizations meaningful insight into how athletes are wired and how you can influence assisting the athletes to create a successful approach.

The Mental MRI is the product that Dr. Hanson and Kelly Ahrens created to provide an affordable but powerful tool that can e employed to make an immediate impact on coaches, teams, and organizations.  The Mental MRI has been used by National Championship Programs and is continued to be used and valued within many programs and Universities across the United States.  Because of Dr. Hanson's valuable experience as a player and a coach, he was able to create methodology that is simple for his clients to understand, implement and enjoy.  Dr. Hanson Co-Authored Heads Up Baseball and Heads Up Baseball 2.0 with Ken Ravizza who make up one of if not the most respected tandem in their field.  Tom has hit it out of the park with the Mental MRI and the collaboration with Test and Train Sports which has validated the success of the use of this product.  Tom's relationship with Test and Train Sports now provides him with the ability to provide a deeper rooted ongoing service for his clients through the customizable Athlete Management System.

Career highlights include:

  • Full-time Performance Enhancement director for the New York Yankees (2001)
  • Performance Enhancement Consultant for the Texas Rangers (1999, 2000)
  • Performance Enhancement services for Anaheim Angels & Minnesota Twins
  • Head baseball coach and tenured professor at Skidmore College (NY) (1990-1997).
  • Co-Author of Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time.
  • Interviews with Hank Aaron,  Rod Carew,  Pete Rose,  Tony Oliva, Carl Yastrzemski, Stan Musial, Kirby Puckett, Billy Williams and others for my research on the Mental Aspects of Hitting.
  • Interviews with pitching greats Nolan Ryan, Tommy John, Ferguson Jenkins, Bert Blyleven and many current major league players.
  • Corporate Coaching and Training for business people and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to start-ups.


  • Ph.D. in sport psychology from the University of Virginia (1991)
  • M.S. in sport psychology from the University of Illinois (1987)
  • Certified Personal and Professional Coach, The Newfield Network (2000)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Yoga Center, (1996)

Glen Noesen

Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS

Dr. Tom Hanson


Glen Noesen , Founder of Peak Performance Network (PPN) was a basketball player in his day and passed on some good genes to his son Stefan Noesen who was a First Round pick in the NHL.  His personal sports journey and that journey with his son growing up in Dallas, Texas dreaming of being a Hockey player fueled his desire to build a platform that could better manage athletic development. Glen pursued his thoughts and founded Peak Performance Network utilizing his existing skill set in the field of building and supporting software platforms.  Glen assembled and impressive team of engineers and other key players who have created the most unique Athlete Management System on the market. As Peak Performance Network got of the ground and Glen was able to raise some capital to build it out, things were a slow go due to the treacherous developmental time and specifics required to stand up such a dream platform.  Luckily, Glen connected with Kelly Ahrens and they began to discuss opportunities about moving the dream forward.  In 2016, an agreement was made and a relationship was born that would push things to the next level for Glen and Peak Performance Network and for Kelly with Test and Train Sports. An extensive amount of time, planning and beta-testing took place over a three year period producing the current mobile-based, web-based Athlete Management System now offered to the public.  There was no detail left to hope, nor was their any doubt that this team was going to build a practical application that was user friendly and robust.  There was no software on the market nor any process on the market that was or is providing the ability to fully manage a team, group, organization, college, high school, etc. in the manner that Peak Performance Network can allow.  Peak Performance Network has evolved to a multi-functional platform that provides real time services and information to athletes, coaches, scouts, trainers, strength coaches, recruiters, administrators ... Finally, a place for everyone to collaborate and one location for all necessary details which creates the accountability necessary to get the best results possible. 

Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS

Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS

Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS


My name is Michael Hutchison and my mission is to help prevent concussions in youth athletes.  

As a practicing General and Neuromuscular dentist for over 32 years, I am teaching everyone to embrace the discovery of Physiologic Jaw alignment when participating in contact sports because you will reduce the risk of concussive forces reaching your brain, and you will increase your strength and performance. All mouth guards keep you from breaking your teeth. But only the PowerPlus Mouthguard can lower the G-Force impact to your brain.

The PowerPlus Mouthguard is a medically patented do it yourself home device that is designed to customize around an athlete’s bite in order to maintain enforcement of a physiologically aligned jaw.   

The PowerPlus Mouthguard establishes correct “Physiologic Jaw Position.” The PowerPlus Mouthguard fits on the LOWER TEETH and is designed to reduce and dissipate the G-Force upon impact and reduce injury.

The precise jaw alignment that the PowerPlus Mouthguard maintains will help an athlete:

∙ Increase strength and balance
∙ Increase performance and agility
∙ Decrease occurrences of headaches
∙ Reduce the G-Force produced in a collision
∙ Increase oxygen intake and ability to speak normally through lower arch placement


Scientific studies consistently demonstrate that maintaining physiological jaw alignment reduces risk of concussion.

Everyone has a unique anatomy. The PowerPlus Mouthguard is the solution to improving safety and performance.

Please reach out to me for any reason on LinkedIn or email

- Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS

Mike McGibbney

Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS

Dr. Michael Hutchison DDS


MIchael is a Senior Executive with 23 years of operating and technology experience spanning across Financial, Software, HR, Learning, and Sports Industries.  He has held senior leadership roles at American Express, HP, and SuccessFactors, where he was an early planner in digital transformation and cloud adoption. 

In January 2018, he joined the NFL Players Association Advisory Board to help their fo cus on the support, strengthening, and inspiration of players as they transition from their NFL career.  He is one of the founders at TTG and in 2019, joined the ELT of Playmaker IQ Holdings Corporation.  He is currently very active as an executive advisor for large international Saas companies, tech Saas startups, and learning and development projects.

Michael attended Northeastern University in Boston and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and four children. Along with his family, he is an active supporter of both the Arts and Youth Sports.  Mike and his family have first-hand experience with their son Morgan who has participated with Stars and Stripes Sports and Test and Train Sports for the past three years.

Mike has seen the growth and benefits Morgan has gained with his association with Stars and Stripes Sports and Test and Train Sports.  Kelly Ahrens and Mike have spent many evenings discussing business and learning from one another forging a fruitful relationship.  Mike has a Big Picture vision that will assist in the growth and development of Test and Train Sports.